Odyssey Venture Partners
 Transforming Hellenic Technology Innovation into Business Opportunity

About Us

Managing partners:

            Thanasis "A.K." Kalekos

            Spyros Trachanis

A common set of values and a shared vision bring our team together.

We were inventors, technologists, engineers, managers and entrepreneurs long before we became investors. We thought success was its own reward but once we achieved it, we found out that the journey was every bit as important as the destination.

We share the same respect and admiration for every entrepreneur who sets out to change the world.

We recognize the innovation landscape has changed dramatically in the past ten years. High speed communications, instantaneous access to information through the Internet and low communication and computing infrastructure costs have globalized innovation. Entrepreneurial teams around the world have the ability and the opportunity to succeed as long as they have access to capital and business experience.

Our team is here to help close the virtuous cycle of success by providing funding and substantial business experience.

In addition to the investing partners, the Odyssey Support Network provides an extended team of experts who stand ready to assist you.
"Like Odysseus, Greeks have a history of finding innovative solutions to the toughest problems.

Our team offers much needed business experience and capital to complement the innovation our companies aim to bring to market"

Thanasis Kalekos

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