Odyssey Venture Partners
 Transforming Hellenic Technology Innovation into Business Opportunity

Philosophy and Mission

Our philosophy is shaped by years of experience.

The way we work with people is the first pillar of our philosophy. It is often said that in real estate, the top three investing criteria are: location, location and location. Similarly, in venture capital the top three investing criteria are: people, people and people.

We call it the "big idea" and we look for it in every investment opportunity we encounter. Certain characteristics of the big idea remain constant over time and others may change depending on available technology, market opportunity and the competitive environment. The way we identify and invest in big ideas is the second pillar of our philosophy.

Confucius' quote summarizes the way we feel about our work, it is our passion. We like and choose to work with people who share the same passion about their work. The startup life can be full of challenges, obstacles and endless surprises. Teamwork and a commitment to excellence, to delight customers and outperform the competition is the most effective and fun way to face the startup life. When we invest in you we also join your team. Teamwork and having fun during the process is the third pillar of our philosophy.

Our mission is to fund and support Greek startups so they will grow to become successful, profitable and valuable global enterprises.

"Find your passion (a job you love) and you will never work a day in your life"


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