We rely on the due diligence process prior to making an investment to not only assess the founders and management team but to also build the right relationship with the team. The relationship is built on:

– Mutual respect
– Honest and direct communication
– Shared commitment to the success of the business

We are prepared to become and act as an integral part of the team, lending our experience and effort wherever it may be needed. Depending on the experience and skills of your team, we are willing and able to:

– Help you complete and keep current your busines plan
– Assume part time operating responsibilities
– Assist you in defining the specification for, and hiring key personnel
– Introduce you to strategic partners and customers
– Work with you to find investors in follow-on funding rounds

Almost always we take board positions in the companies we invest. While one Odyssey partner is the designated board member, all partners tend to collaborate in order to support you across Greece, Silicon Valley and around the world.

Consistent with our seed and early stage investment theses, we are prepared to work with incomplete teams and are prepared to mentor and coach first time CEO’s and senior executives. What we seek from you is:

– Motivation to learn and grow on the job
– Ability to think and act internationally
– Willingness to operate outside your “comfort zone”

It is our objective to establish a relationship with you so in the future you can look back and say that you got a fair deal, were treated with respect and Odyssey partners offered a lot more than just capital in contributing to your success.